Moussaka 1.5 kg (Family size)

Pasticcio 1.5 kg (Family size)

Lasagne 1,5 kg (Family size)

Cannelloni 950 g (Family size)

Moussaka 425 g

Pastichio 425 g

Lasagne 425 g

Cannelloni 400 g

Spare Ribs 500 g

Stuffed Wine Leaves 500


Tortellini with cheese 500g

Tortellini with salmon 500g

Tortellini with beef 500g

Tortellini green 500g

Gnocchi di patate 500g

Ravioli 1 kg

Ravioli 300 g


Special Pizza (x4) 500g

Special Pizza 25x40cm

Special Pizza 22,24,28cm

Pizza Cheese & Tomato 22,24,28cm

Savoury Pies

Cheese Pies 350 g

Cheese Pies 1 kg

Sausage Rolls 350 g

Sausage Rolls 1 kg

Cream Pies 350 g

Cream Pies 1 kg

Olive Pies 350 g

Olive Pies 1 kg


Koupes 500 g

Vegetable Koupes 500 g


Crepes 250g