Restaurants / Hotels


Ravioli 1 kg

Green Ravioli 1 kg

Green Tortellini 1kg

Gnocchi di patate

Tortellini with beef stuffing 1 kg

Tortellini with salmon stuffing 1 kg

Tortellini with Cheese Stuffing 1 kg

Savoury Pies

Cheese Pies 1 kg

Sausage Pies 1 kg

Cream Pies 1 kg

Olive Pies 1 kg

Spinach Pies 1 kg

Koupa with minced meat 500 g

Koupa with vegetables 500 g


Cheese and Tomato Pizza

Cheese and Tomato 22,24,28cm

Pepperoni Pizza 22,24,28cm

Vegetarian Pizza 22,24,28cm

Special Pizza 22,24,28cm

Pizza Base 25x50cm

Pizza Base 22,24,28cm


Lasagne 425g

Macaroni Pastichio 425 g

Moussaka 425 g

Stuffed Wine Leaves 1 kg

Spare Ribs 400g

Cannelloni 350 g


Bourekia pies with Anari 500g

Daktyla 1kg (Ladies fingers)

Pischies pies 1 kg


Apple Pie


Traditional Breakfast

Tahini Pie

Olive Pie

Halloumi Pie